As experts in organizing, decluttering, packing and moving we have been helping Dallas and Forth Worth residents get their homes in perfect order. Since we make things easier on you, we thought we’d share something that makes all that easier on us as well! Blackbird Box Company adds even more convenience to the decluttering and moving process by delivering boxes and packing supplies straight to your door. Say goodbye to borrowing boxes from friends, taking empty boxes home from the office, or saving all those random boxes from Amazon — am I right??

A Dallas owned & operated business, Blackbird Box Company delivers moving boxes and supplies anywhere in the DFW Metroplex within two days or less. The best part is they are priced inline with U-Haul and Home Depot (compare moving box prices for yourself), but with zero shipping or delivery fee in DFW. Yep, that’s right! To your door at NO additional cost!

Another great part of their service—they can help you figure out how many boxes you need or customize a package just for you. If you end up not using any boxes, they’ll also buy them back and come get them for no additional charge. How cool is that!?!

They offer 5 different sized packages, from an apartment up to a 4,000 square foot home. There’s also a home declutter box bundle to help you sort, store, or donate your things. Simply click on the package that fits your square footage needs and voila! It’s delivered right to your front door within two days.

Moving Box Sizes & Bundles

To help you know what size of boxes or packages you should be looking for, they’ve put together this handy guide:

The Declutter Bundle
A mix of small, medium and large boxes plus supplies. Use these boxes and supplies to clear and tidy your home before listing it for sale.

Small Moving Box Pack
Great for small, heavy items, office supplies, books, cleaning supplies, etc. Also handy for smaller items that can get lost in a larger box. We have dumped our entire junk (ahem, utility) drawer in one (or three) of these.

Medium Moving Box Pack
This box will probably be the workhorse of your move. Sized enough to hold a good bit, but not so big as to get too heavy when loaded.

Large Moving Box Pack
Folded clothes, shoes, and lighter weight miscellaneous items from your closets, kitchen, utility room, etc.

Extra Large Moving Box Pack
Primarily used for larger items that don’t weigh too much, like bedding. Ideal for awkwardly shaped items and a good place to nestle in some breakables between a quilt and a duvet.

Wardrobe Moving Boxes
This magical box is for your suits, dresses and any other clothing that you don’t want to fold and put in a large or extra large box. Comes with a metal hanging bar, so you simply move it from your closet to the box! A real time and money saver for items you don’t want to have pressed after the move.

Dish Box with Partitions
This super efficient double walled box and partition kit will conveniently keep your kitchen items safe during your move. The kit includes 2 pads and 3 sets of partitions. It can hold up to 57 glasses and cups. The versatile partitions can also be adjusted to accommodate larger items.

TV/Mirror/Art Box
As the name suggests, this baby is super versatile and a very clever design. Two pieces can be made as small as 40”x5”x35” and as large as 40”x5”x68”

Keep moving, packing, and decluttering your home simple. With several box options, home moving box bundles, packing paper, and bubble wrap—you can efficiently box up anything and save yourself precious time in the process. See, look at all that stress they’ve removed for ya!

-Tonia Tomlin

Owner of Sorted Out Professional Organzing

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