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Now that we’ve all been stuck at home for 3+ months, I’m sure you’ve noticed plenty of “extras” floating around. You know, the kids’ art projects from school (the ones that are so sweet but also completely random…like macaroni necklaces!) and memorabilia from past travels, holidays, etc. Something you also may have noticed is that your camera roll is getting close to capacity after all the photos you’ve been taking of your kids these days. Hey – I don’t blame you, are they cuter in quarantine or is that just me? To put it simply, all of these little things don’t seem like much, but they can add up fast. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to preserve these precious memories while also clearing up space in your home and phone.

Art projects & memorabilia

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard me talk about Artkive, and it won’t be the last. I love this company! I know it can be difficult to decide which projects and knicknacks you need to get rid of (and when). You don’t think you have any connection to some of these things until you’re about to throw them out – trust me, I get it! You can relieve yourself from #momguilt by sending these items into Artkive, where they will take high quality photos of the items, create a photo book, and send it back to you for your viewing pleasure. It’s a great way to get rid of the clutter and all of the little items that don’t really have a “home” in your, well, home. Keep this photo book on your coffee table so guests can enjoy it while visiting – it’s always a great conversation starter. I also suggest you use this service once or twice a year, to keep the clutter to a minimum and easily organize these memories into booklets that coincide with school grade or age. What a fun way to look back on your family’s memories and children’s progress throughout the years!

Photo prints from your phone

From failed attempts at attending quarantine Zoom happy hours with friends due to my device storage being full, I have become aware that quarantine has left my camera roll nearly full! Technology is great; nowadays we get to take a photo immediately and have a way to capture moments at the press of a button. But then what? So many of my personal friends, as well as Sorted Out clients, struggle with what to do with all these photos after the fact. I’ve found two services I absolutely love using for organizing and preserving photos from your phone, and therefore offering up more storage space: Groovebook and Chatbooks.



Groovebook is a monthly subscription (at the low cost of $3.99/month) that will deliver photo books of up to 100 photos directly to your doorstep! All that’s required of you is to download the app and upload whichever photos you want to highlight for that specific month/book. These books are very simple and with the low price, it’s really a no-brainer. If you’re new to photo books and using these types of apps, Groovebook is a great place to start.


Chatbooks is similar to Groovebook, but their product is of higher quality in my opinion. The sleek hardcover books look modern and aesthetic and are easily organized with the dates printed onto the spine. You are able to add captions to each photo/page to better remember these moments, which is a really nice touch (especially for guests who may not have context to the photo). These booklets start around $10.99 with about 30 pages per book, but you can dive in and get a more customized option if you’d like! Whichever route you go, you’ll love having these elegant books available in your sitting area or lined up in your custom built-ins as much as you love the newly freed-up storage on your phone :)

What other creative ideas do you have for getting rid of clutter but keeping hold of special memories? We’d love to hear, leave your suggestions in the comments below. As always, feel free to reach out to our team at for organizational help and inquiries. We’re here for you and happy to assist.

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