Re-Gifting Etiquette 101

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We are now officially into the gift giving season and we all have our gift recipient list together right?  Or maybe not.  There is always that friend, neighbor, or service person that gives a gift unexpectedly and we have nothing to give them in return, how embarrassing and awkward that can be!  It is a great idea (especially this time of year), to have a closet or stash somewhere of gifts that were given to you or your [...]

10 Tips to help you get organized this holiday!

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Get Organized this Holiday Season and Avoid the Holiday Stress! Is the thought of the upcoming holidays stressing you out? Don’t worry, we all feel it. Thanksgiving is over, we managed to get through the cooking, the family stress and the feeling that everything needs to be perfect for our Thanksgiving dinner. Now that that holiday is behind us, we move full throttle into the next holiday season. The media, the advertisers and the retailers are bombarding us [...]

Fall Organizing Tips From Tonia Tomlin

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Now that summer is over we can focus more on our work schedules and family, but we can also throw in some clutter therapy as well. De-cluttering your closets, bathroom drawers, and desk areas will give you the answer you’ve needed to start fresh this fall. In my fourteen years of organizing for clients, friends, and family, I discovered that profiling unorganized spaces has been my expertise. The catalyst questions just came easily to me. For example, [...]

Fall Garage Organization Tips

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Fall is the perfect time to clean out and organize your garage. The weather is cooler and you can make room for your car(s) for the winter months. I am originally from the Midwest and garages back home were used a lot differently than they are in Texas. There are basements in most homes in the Midwest so there were usually storage rooms. These would be used for keepsakes, holiday items and other items that you don’t [...]

Fall’s Answer to Spring Cleaning

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We’ve all heard about Spring Cleaning but what about the rest of year? Doesn’t it deserve a little love and attention? At Sorted Out, we definitely think so! As a matter of fact, we’re starting a new movement for Fall: Autumn Arranging! This is already our favorite time of the year, so why not use it to get super organized before the holiday frenzy hits? We know that your whole house can benefit from some organizing love, [...]