Springtime is Here, Time to Clean Out That Attic or Storage Closet!

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Alright, we have been waiting for Spring to come and we think it has finally arrived! The trees are turning green, our perennials are blooming, and we are ready for the warm Texas weather. Now is the time to plan our Spring projects such as cleaning out our attic or storage closets in the garage or our sheds. Do this before the Texas sun sets in or we will dread being out in 100-degree weather.

Organizing for a Move

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Springtime is here, and it is a great time of year to move to a new home or to downsize into a smaller space. Putting your property on the market and planning for a big move can be stressful for all of us.  Decluttering your home can make a big difference on how your property is perceived by a potential buyer.  Having too much clutter in your home can make a statement that there is not enough storage [...]

Simplifying Your Life with Smart Home Technology

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While we all would like to simplify our lives by decluttering our home, work spaces, and organizing our lives with our busy schedules, it seems that life has become more complicated with all of the technology. We have our computers, our cell phones, our video components, our home security systems and so much more!  Wouldn’t it be nice to organize all of those systems into one dashboard that could control everything?  Well, our friends at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle can [...]

Ten Tips to Help You Sort Out Your Closet before Spring

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Although it is still cold outside, spring will be here before we know it and we will be transitioning into our spring wardrobe.  If you are like most people, the thought of cleaning out your closet is a dreaded task.  It needn’t be a task that you procrastinate because it seems so overwhelming.  Here are Ten Tips to help you prepare your closet for springtime. Edit your clothing, shoes and accessories.  If you haven’t worn them in [...]

Five Tax Time Tips to Get You Organized for Tax Season

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It is the start of the new year and before we know it, tax season will creep up on us.  If you are like me, you think that you have plenty of time to pull all of the documents that you will need to file your taxes online or with your CPA.  The thought of putting together all of the information you will need can be overwhelming and stressful.  Here are 5 tips to help you alleviate the stress [...]

4 Tips to Minimize Your Paper Clutter in 2018!

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Happy New Year. I can’t believe it’s already 2018!   After being in the business for almost 14 years, and reading a bunch of Facebook post and blog posts, we all know organization is always at the top of the list. Sorted Out, has always had the belief that being organized is much more of a process, then just a quick fix! The true key to the processes, is HOW we can keep you organized! Have you ever said, "This [...]

Re-Gifting Etiquette 101

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We are now officially into the gift giving season and we all have our gift recipient list together right?  Or maybe not.  There is always that friend, neighbor, or service person that gives a gift unexpectedly and we have nothing to give them in return, how embarrassing and awkward that can be!  It is a great idea (especially this time of year), to have a closet or stash somewhere of gifts that were given to you or your [...]

10 Tips to help you get organized this holiday!

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Get Organized this Holiday Season and Avoid the Holiday Stress! Is the thought of the upcoming holidays stressing you out? Don’t worry, we all feel it. Thanksgiving is over, we managed to get through the cooking, the family stress and the feeling that everything needs to be perfect for our Thanksgiving dinner. Now that that holiday is behind us, we move full throttle into the next holiday season. The media, the advertisers and the retailers are bombarding us [...]

Fall Organizing Tips From Tonia Tomlin

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Now that summer is over we can focus more on our work schedules and family, but we can also throw in some clutter therapy as well. De-cluttering your closets, bathroom drawers, and desk areas will give you the answer you’ve needed to start fresh this fall. In my fourteen years of organizing for clients, friends, and family, I discovered that profiling unorganized spaces has been my expertise. The catalyst questions just came easily to me. For example, [...]