It’s no secret the holidays can be overwhelming. Between the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and hosting, how in the world do we muster up enough holiday spirit?! I’m not one to pretend that I’m above the chaos of the season, BUT, I do have some tips that I’m positive will turn things around for you just in time for the New Year! The reason for holiday stress (family drama and never-ending wish lists aside) is due to a lack of planning. Let me share my tried-and-true tips with you to help you take back your holiday spirit, and especially tackle planning for the holidays with ADHD.

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are often the first thing sent out during the season, however it usually finds itself pushed down, down, down our to-do lists. Don’t let this one slip away from you! Planning ahead will not only kick off the season with minimal stress, but it will also save you money by not having to pay for those hefty rush-shipping fees. There’s also a great sense of pride that comes when you get to sit back and relax while the rest of your friends scramble to get their cards together. Ha!

To start, create a list of all the friends and family you want to send a card to. Don’t forget to add extras for last minute additions, colleagues, etc. I highly recommend creating this list digitally so that you can easily print off the names and addresses once complete. A digital list also makes it easier to keep track of and make edits as people move or get married for years to come.

I have one absolute game-changing resource when it comes to holiday cards and planning for the holidays with ADHD: This website provides you with a simple link to send out to your friends and family in order to collect their addresses (no more manually inputting them, but you can go in and make edits/additions if needed). Furthermore, this site also allows you to print the address directly onto peel-and-stick labels (purchased separately) for a small fee. This one-stop-shop has truly taken the stress out of mailing out holiday cards by keeping everything organized and easy to bring to life!


Gift Backstock

I suggest keeping a backstock of gifts in your home for every season, but at the very least for the holidays. There are always last minute get togethers, holiday parties, and people to impress that you don’t have time to prepare for. Keeping crowd-pleasing gifts in your linen closet, home office, or garage can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with a last-minute invite. Volcano candles, beautiful cutting boards + cheese knives (add a fancy block of cheese or makings for a cheese board), a pretty mug filled with hot cocoa ingredients, or a measuring spoon set paired with homemade treats are always easy go-to gifts that feel intentional and thoughtful.

Travel Schedules

Tackle your travel schedules as early as possible to eliminate holiday stress. Figure out where you’ll be spending each holiday and book your travel accordingly. Again, planning early saves you money on travel essentials like airfare and car rentals! Don’t forget to plan for how you’ll be arriving to/from the airport. Schedule a pickup or look up Uber/Lyft rules for the airport ahead of time as to not frazzle you once you’ve arrived. Closer to your date(s) of travel, prepare your bags with entertainment, snacks, and necessities. Check out our blog posts here and here, which give detailed tips on traveling and packing.

On the contrary, if you’re staying home and hosting guests this year, prepare your rooms by washing bedding, restocking items like hand soap, shampoo, etc., and bringing in fresh towels. I also love to add a few touches of the season like a garland over the headboard and a pine scented candle. Additionally, make sure your kitchen is stocked with your guests’ favorites, especially if they have specific dietary needs.


Holiday Menu Planning

At least one week prior (to avoid ingredients being sold out), plan out your big holiday meals. This includes elaborate dinners like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but also those in between days/weeks which are often forgotten! Be sure to keep plenty of easy meal items stocked during this time so the kids can grab their own snacks, items are grab-and-go friendly, and there are enough staples to throw together a last-minute meal quickly. Meal prepping options like casseroles and breakfast egg bites will help keep things moving smoothly during this hectic time.

One of our favorite tips for holiday planning with ADHD is to use our menu planner and keep it pasted on the fridge each week. This helps you keep track of what ingredients and how much time is needed, and also answers those frequently asked, “What’s for dinner?” questions! Make sure it’s consistently visible and updated.

Whatever this season brings, we hope you feel equipped and ready to handle it with ease and grace. The greatest gift to us is knowing that we’ve been able to help you, so if these tips are useful please let us know! Of course, we’d love to hear some of your tips and tricks as well!

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