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Total Office Transformation™

Do you feel like your office environment is chaotic?

Do you or your employees feel overwhelmed and constantly up against deadlines?

Do you wish it were more calm and organized?

Stop putting out fires and start achieving your goals! With our Total Office Transformation™, you’ll have the systems, mentoring, and accountability you need to go from cluttered catastrophe to consistent cash flow. Our organizers who are training as Certified Productive Environment Specialistswill create systems to organize your time, space, and information. We teach and train you and your employees how to take control of paperwork, manage a hectic schedule, get more done in less time, and enhance productivity.

What does a Certified Productive Environment Specialist  do?

  • Streamline operations
  • Increase efficiency
  • Digital organizing
  • CRM organization
  • Email organizing

Evaluate Your Productivity with our Productive Environment Scorecard™


Disorganization is Costly

Having a disorganized office, disorganized methods, or even several disorganized employees could be costing your business money.

Many people just simply haven’t learned the skill of organizing. It’s not taught in schools, and you either picked it up along the way, or not. The average executive spends 3 hours per week looking for papers and other items*. With an annual salary of $50,000 per year at 40 hours a week that’s $3,823 lost each year that can be easily avoided.  Multiply this example times 10 employees and the numbers become staggering at $38,230 per year.

Formula: Annual Salary/Hours Worked over the Year= Hourly Rate then 156 hours x hourly rate=lost money annually. Statistics provided by the National Association of Professional Organizers)

Our Certified Productive Environment Specialists in training provide:

  • Consistency in cash flow, in how you work with clients, in how your run your business from day to day
  • Confidence that you’re efficiently managing your business and following up on all promising business opportunities
  • Control so your days are full of satisfying, high-paying activities and you can step away from your business to enjoy your life

A realistic system that fits in with your busy schedule, easy-to-follow action steps, and implementation plans you can stick to PLUS the support of productivity experts who know the ins and outs of building profitable, efficient, and sustainable businesses

Sorted Out has the knowledge and ability to get you or your employees organized and more efficient from their work space to the computer, to time management, which will save you money!! Give us a call and find out how we can help your business succeed with a Total Office Transformation™!

Disorganization is Costly

Menu of Business Organizing Services
(Not All Inclusive)

Whether you need your business office organized, or just one or two employees organized, we offer business services tailored to your specific needs:

Individual Organizing Services:

  • One on one employee organization & coaching

  • Electronic/computer organization

  • Personal time management strategies

  • Planning and running meetings

  • Managing projects and/or staff efficiently

Business & Commercial Organizing Services:

  • Complete office organization

  • Office Flow

  • Business moving services (if your office is moving, let us arrange everything)

  • Business efficiency programs

  • Supply & storage systems

  • Monthly maintenance programs

These lists give an idea of the areas we can help. But, if you don’t see what you need on this list, simply give us a call and we can tailor any program to meet your needs. Before starting any program or service, we require a one hour consultation.

Follow Up & Maintenance

Once you are a Sorted Out client, your satisfaction is our top priority. We will maintain a continued interest in your business and employees through our Business Maintenance program.After our initial service is completed, we help you maintain your new systems through our monthly maintenance program. This allows us and you the ability to fine tune the system set into place and hold employees, that we’ve helped, accountable. By allowing us to help you become accountable, you will save time from chasing your employees around. Keep yourself on track by having an organization maintenance system in place. After your files, desk, and computer are organized you will be able to spend more time developing your team, thus making more money as a company.

Follow Up & Maintenance

Professional Organizing Seminars & Workshops

Everyone can use a refresher course. Sharpen up your employees skills with our workshops. Whether you have 2 or 100 employees, we can come and speak on many different topics.

Our workshops are designed to provide tips, tools, and strategies that you can apply and see immediate and measurable improvement in the office. We tailor our topics and examples to be relevant to your business.

Schedule a 2 hour lunch session all the way to a ½ day or full day classroom style workshop.

Some of our topics include:

  • Time Management

  • Project organization

  • Organizing your work day

  • How to hold yourself accountable

  • Computer organization

  • The business traveler seminar

  • Organizing according to your priorities

We always tailor our workshops to meet our client’s unique needs. We can combine topics or expand on the ones listed here. Through our seminars your employees will become more efficient and gain more hours back in their work day.

Remove the Stress & Experience the Calm

We invite you to experience the feeling and inner peace & energy that comes from being organized and prepared.

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