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It’s finally Fall, which means it’s time we can begin to cool off from the summer heat and cozy up in our favorite fall attire. Warm coffee or tea by the fire, leaves changing colors; and did I mention the cooler weather?! (Can I get an AMEN!)

Now is also the time many dread – changing out the closet from summer statements to our favorite fall fashions. Where do we start? So many questions and rarely enough answers. But, no fear! I’m here to help. 😊

Tops & Sweaters:

First, start with the season staples – tops & sweaters. An organizer tip: purge from left to right! It will help keep you on track. Once you’ve started, check for:

  • Snags, rips, or stains
  • Pieces that are just too worn to pull off any longer.
  • Sweaters that are beginning to unravel or missing a button (or three)
  • Outdated pieces = out the door!
  • Items of clothing that no longer fit. Whether it were the “stay-at-home-shred’ or the “quarantine 15” – if it doesn’t fit or feel good to wear, then let it go
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Jackets & Coats:

Similarly, go through your jackets & coats and get rid of those that are:

  • Torn, stained or completely worn out.
  • Jackets that aren’t keeping you warm, such as lightweight jackets. I mean, a couple are GREAT to have (I know I have a couple in my closet I absolutely love!) but you really don’t need more than a few.

Jeans & Bottoms:

This is always a hard one because styles have changed so much over the years. Some things I would keep in mind to toss are:

  • Jeans or bottoms that don’t fit
  • Any that are out-of-date with today’s style or are faded much more than when you bought them. If they are still in decent shape, consider donating! Or, hold on to for activities you otherwise wouldn’t want to wear your nicer, newer pairs for (think camping & yard work)
  • Distressed jeans that are coming apart. If your rips begin to tear more than the original design, there’s no reason to hold on to them.
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This is probably the HARDEST to purge. It’s a very time consuming and daunting task, so when in doubt always turn to the experts with this one (like Sorted Out! 😉) If you’re ready & willing to take on this task on your own, some things you can start with are:

  • Misplaced or lost jewelry from a set, like earrings. There is really no reason to take up space in your jewelry box for pieces of jewelry that can’t or won’t be worn.
  • Tarnished or unclean, lower end pieces. If it costs you more to clean or repair than it did for you to purchase the jewelry then it’s not worth keeping.
  • Tangled necklaces that are knotted together. Unless there is a sentimental (or otherwise important) reason to keep these tangled chains, then go ahead and toss them out.

Tip: Some jewelers may even accept these in return for the going market rate because in the end they are just going to melt it down anyway

  • Jewelry that isn’t the right size. If you can’t wear it, why keep it? Time to toss/donate/sell, unless it holds sentimental value, in which case I would recommend holding it off to the side to have resized.

Separate pieces you wear frequently (or on special occasions) from the pieces you don’t wear at all. Set aside anything that may be important (such as a family heirloom or anything of equal sentimental importance) and get rid of anything else you just don’t wear. Again, why waste space for things you have no need or want for?


Another very important item to consider taking a hard look at are last year’s shoe collection. Between weather and walking, shoes can wear down quickly. With the cooler months ahead, you’ll want to make sure to find something comfortable, warmer & reliable.

Consider tossing or donating any pairs that are:

  • Damaged or stained
  • Needing repaired. Determine if any of these are worth repairing, such as the higher-end or brand name shoes you own like Jimmy Choos or Red Bottoms. Some you may choose to have re-soled.
  • Worn out pairs. They can lose their support and lead to heel pain, knee pain, hip or back pain, or even shin splints.
  • Shoes that no longer fit well with your style (or you just don’t wear anymore)
  • Ones that hurt to wear. If they leave you with blisters or are just plain uncomfortable to wear, it’s time to toss.

Take out all of your shoes so you can take a hard, honest look at what you have. Then, group like items together (boots, flats, sneakers, high-end heels vs other dressy shoes, etc.). This will make it easier to look through and determine what you may need to buy new of.

Pink Winter Boots
Clothes make running

Workout clothing:

Not something we regularly think about, but an area of your closet that is worth the consideration as well. My tips when purging this portion of your closet is to look for:

  • Any clothing you used for activities you don’t do anymore. An example is if you used to go skiing and no longer do, purge the gear & outerwear you used when skiing – especially if it can’t be used for any other type of activity.
  • Anything that doesn’t look flattering on your body, or doesn’t fit. It’s too hard to tailor workout gear so if it doesn’t fit or flatter, then it’s time to toss

Depending on your activity level (such as the number of times you work out each week), determine how much activewear and sportswear you really will need & have the room for. Only keep a couple of items of clothing per activity that you wear them for.

Some activewear should not be kept after a certain time frame and (once again) really depends on how active you are. The more active you are, the shorter period you should consider when holding on to these items. Here are some rules of thumb on when they are best to throw out:

  • Class shoes: Replace after 6-8 months (4 mo. if you wear them daily)
  • Running shoes: Replace after 4-6 months (4 mo. if you wear them daily)
  • Sports bras: Replace after 12 months, depending on use
  • Sports leggings: 1-2 years (8 months if you wear daily)

Getting organized in your closet can be super overwhelming, so I hope these tips will help get you jump started with your fall purging! If you get stuck or simply don’t want to do this alone, give us a call. We would be honored to help!!

Getting organized in your closet can be super overwhelming, so I hope these tips will help get you jump started with your fall purging! If you get stuck or simply don’t want to do this alone, give us a call. We would be honored to help!!

We look forward to hearing from you.

– Tonia Tomlin

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