We’ve all heard about Spring Cleaning but what about the rest of year? Doesn’t it deserve a little love and attention? At Sorted Out, we definitely think so! As a matter of fact, we’re starting a new movement for Fall: Autumn Arranging! This is already our favorite time of the year, so why not use it to get super organized before the holiday frenzy hits?

We know that your whole house can benefit from some organizing love, but for this post, we’re going to focus our efforts on the heart of the home and get your kitchens organized for Fall. This area is about to see a ton of action with pumpkin carvings, turkeys roasting, and hams baking so now is the perfect time to get it cleaned out and organized so you’ll know exactly where to find that bundt pan and carving knife! Follow our list and your kitchen will be stocked and ready for Fall and beyond!

Tip #1:


First things, first: You’ve got to get rid of anything that’s old, expired, or unwanted. Start with your pantry and fridge which are usually the biggest culprits for housing outdated items. Toss anything that’s expired or that’s been sitting on your shelves since last year. See that mostly unused container of that random ingredient that you needed for one recipe and never used again? Chunk it. Let it go.

Next, move on to cleaning out your cabinets and drawers. As you go through them, ask yourself if you really need to save those chipped coffee mugs and saucers. And do you really need forty-two bowls and two-hundred mismatched Tupperware containers? Nope. You really don’t. Put them in a pile for yard sales or Goodwill.

Tip #2:


We’ve all made them and we learn from them, but from time to time we have epic disasters. Whether it’s a missed flight, paid a bill late, or forgetting something important,
it happens. Focusing on the catastrophe takes up valuable time. Use your time in a positive way to recover from your mistakes of misjudgment, questioning your gut,
and use this time to reflect and ACT appropriately and you will turn this fiasco into an opportunity for growth. You are definitely going to spend time thinking about it,
so turn those thoughts to how it happened and how you would do things differently next time. Forgive yourself for being human and discover why it happened and next time,
you’re guaranteed to plan efficiently to avoid a similar debacle.

Tip #3


Before you put everything back in place, we want you to take a good hard look at it all and pare down even more. That’s right, do one more sweep through and make sure there’s nothing else that you can’t cut down before we reorganize. Even getting rid of one extra-large roasting pan that your mom gave you but you have no idea what to do with will help! If you haven’t used it in a few seasons, you probably never will.

Tip #4


Here’s the fun part! Before you fill your cabinets and pantry back up, invest in a few gadgets that will help you make the most of the space that you have. Bins, sliding organizers and raised steps will make a world of difference and you’ll feel like you have twice the amount of storage. Here are a few of our favorite products for organizing the kitchen:

Rev-a-Shelf Pull-out Drawers – We love these because they’re super simple to install and you can just pull the drawer out instead of having to crawl into the back of a cabinet to try to find that pot you’re looking for. Use these in your bigger cabinets, especially where you store pots and casserole dishes.

Rev-a-Shelf Pull-Out Cookware Organizer – If you really want to get your pots, skillets, and tops organized then you need this baby! This will organize it all and you’ll never have to pull them all out again!

Rev-a-Shelf Waste Container Slide – Get those ugly trash cans out of eyesight with this awesome gadget! Yes, you’ll have to give up a cabinet, but we personally think it’s more than worth it! The installation of this product is a little more complex so you may have to enlist the help of your hubby or a handyman.

Rev-a-Shelf Cabinet Door Spice Rack – Take advantage of this wasted space by installing this rack which is perfect for spices that you like to keep handy. We love putting one of these inside the cabinet closest to our cooking areas.

Rev-a-Shelf Cabinet Drawer Spice Insert – If you have an extra drawer and more spices than would fit on the spice rack, lay them out using this bad boy. We love how it looks built-in and custom!

Linus Pantry Bins – Corral your pantry items using these bins. You’ll be amazed at how put-together your pantry looks just by grouping like items into these convenient containers!

Closetmaid Sliding Cabinet Organizer – Take advantage of the vertical space in your upper cabinets with a couple of these sliding organizers. You can put cleaning supplies, food items, or even utensils in the pull-out drawers.

Con-Tact Drawer/Shelf Liners – Refresh your shelf and drawer surfaces by applying a layer of Con-tact paper. Everything will look neater and the surface will grip breakable items so they’ll stay where you put them.

Tip #5


Now that you’re down to the necessities and you have your cabinets filled with life changing organizers, it’s time to put all of your items back in! Take time to be purposeful with where you place everything. Put your glasses next to the fridge for easy grabbing. Put your spatulas and wooden spoons near your cooktop so they’re within reach. Make your life easier by organizing with intent! Don’t stick to the way it’s always been just for routine’s sake!

That’s it! Now you can stand back and admire your organized kitchen for about two minutes before you have to get to cooking! Just think, you’re only five steps away from having the heart of your home completely organized for the Fall. Happy Autumn Arranging!

We want to see your kitchen! Send us your best before and after shots and let us know how you organized your kitchen and pantry using our Autumn Arranging tips. We all need some encouragement in this crazy thing called life so let our other readers know that there’s hope!

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