There’s something magical about toys. And no, I don’t mean the smiles and laughter they bring to our kids’ faces (although it is sweet). I’m talking about how they seem to magically multiply at night, out of thin air…don’t they?! I swear I never bought my kids this many toys and trinkets, but here they are, continuing to pour out of every nook and cranny. I think playrooms can be one of the most daunting rooms in the house to organize, because there’s just so much stuff, and it rarely seems to remain clean no matter how often you dedicate time to it.  Many clients of ours struggle with playroom organization (understandably so) so let’s tackle this beast together!

Keep or Donate?

If you’ve been reading our past blog posts, it should come as no surprise when I say the first step is to declutter. I can guarantee your playroom is full of toys that your kids no longer use or have grown out of. Start your organizing journey by creating “toss”, “donate”, and “keep” piles. There are lots of kids out there who will gladly use the toys your family no longer needs. Don’t forget to ditch any broken toys or games with missing pieces.

Something else to consider during this stage is creating rotation groups. Kids are more likely to be engaged in the toys available to them if they don’t have access to them 24/7. Rotating toys keeps things feeling fresh and new for the kiddos, while also limiting the amount of clutter that can accumulate throughout a play session.

Organize Toys

Once you have everything sorted out (no pun intended!) and you know what you are keeping, it’s time to stock up on bins. Toys and games that have lots of pieces (re: Legos, Barbies + accessories, etc.) should have their own designated storage bin. Other items should be divided up by likeness and kept in clear bins so your kids can see into them. Clear bins are by far the most efficient type of storage because it limits clutter when kids are looking for that one specific toy; instead of dumping every single item out during the search, they can easily find what they’re looking for without having to unpack and sift through everything.

When choosing storage bins for your playroom organization, make sure you’re selecting items that are kid friendly. You’ll want to avoid hard-to-open lids, bins that have a lock system, etc. Look for options that are on the shallow side so kids can easily reach into them (especially helpful if you plan to have them help pick up their toys). Open storage bins are also handy and kid friendly! Don’t forget to secure any organization furniture like shelves, tables, etc. to the wall. Chances are, kids will find their way on top of any furniture in the playroom, and we want to make sure it doesn’t fall over in the process.

toy storage clear bins
cricut label maker

If you don’t have a Cricut or label maker, I highly suggest investing in one! You can use these crafting tools to create custom labels for your toy bins so that they perfectly suit your needs. With a Cricut you can print on a temporary vinyl, allowing you to easily change out the labels when they need updating. Another fun addition to custom labels is adding pictures! Incorporating photos and images that relate to the items in the bin are great for getting your kids involved in clean up, while also building their reading & spelling skills. It’s never too early to introduce them to new concepts and words. And it’s never too early to have your kids help you clean :)

Keeping it Clean

I always advise our clients to keep messier toys like Playdoh and arts-and-crafts higher up so the kids can’t reach them as easily. Those toys are the ones you want to have adult supervision with. You can also keep seasonal toys higher up and add them to your rotation when the time comes; there’s no need to keep all of those items in the attic if you know they’ll be used. Because let’s be honest, are you really going to rotate them in if you have to go up into the attic to get them? I’ll admit – probably not.

Large area rugs are not only a fun way to add some personality to a room, but they also protect your floors! Swapping rugs out seasonally can help to keep things feeling exciting and fresh for the kids. Look for washer-friendly rugs so you can easily launder them and not have a freak-out moment if something spills or the kids went to town with the markers. Whoops!

Clean Up Time

Having an organized space is wonderful, but keeping it that way can prove to be a challenge in itself. I love making clean up time into a game – the kids get way more involved and take ownership over their messes. You can play a song and instruct them that they have to have everything put away by the time the song ends. Or, keep a star chart where they can earn a star for every day the playroom is cleaned up (for older kids you can add in “without being told to do so”). At the end of the week, come up with a reward for the kids if they were successful. Rewards can be items like a new book, dessert before dinner, extra TV time, or even a playdate. There are, of course, lots of other rewards you can offer – what’s important is that you use whatever reward system works best for your family.

I hope these playroom organization tips are helpful for you! If you’re feeling inspired and decide to tackle your playroom project, we’d love to help! What better time than now, before the holidays?! If you have any questions, need assistance, or would like to discuss project rates, you can reach out to us at or call our office at (214) 383-9985. Our team always loves hearing from you & would be honored to help!

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