Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and the Texas heat is unbearable.  We are all looking for ways to stay indoors and keep cool.  What better time of year to start thinking about organizing and updating your home or to contemplate a complete remodel of a room or two.


A great way to start this process is to purge items you no longer need.  If you are taking on a kitchen remodel, you will need to sort through your kitchen items and discard duplicates and items you no longer need. Getting your kitchen organized will clear your head to enable you to visualize your new kitchen, how you want your kitchen to flow and how to store pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. It seems that everyone gravitates towards the kitchen, whether it be at family gathering or a formal event, the kitchen is the center of every home so why not make it the way you envision it? Plus, an updated kitchen gets the highest resale value when you decide to sell your home.

Another room to remodel that gets great return on investment is the bathroom.  Whether you are thinking about updating the master bath or the kids’ bathroom, the money you invest in the bathrooms will be returned to you when selling your home.  When was the last time you cleared through the bathroom cabinets?  Before you start the remodel process, clear through medicines and prescriptions-you may be surprised how many are expired and are just taking up valuable space.  Once you organize your bathroom items, you can think strategically about the design of your new bathroom.

The Master closet is one area of the house that usually needs attention and updating. Start by cleaning out your closet of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry that you no longer wear.  Once you access what you have, then you can decide what space you need for your various wardrobe items and design a closet to accommodate your needs.  Or, hire a professional organizer to help design the closet of your dreams.

Maybe you just want to add new flooring and carpet.  By clearing the clutter in each room first, you can clearly see what color schemes, textures and paint colors will work the best in each room.  And remember, think neutrals.  If you are trying to sell or lease your home, neutral colors are the most appealing for most buyers.  If you love color, then try a splash of color on an accent wall that can easily be painted over if you decide to list your home.

Whatever your motivation, use this summer heat to keep you inside and work on transforming your home into a living space that makes you and your family comfortable.