Give the Gift of a Clean Garage

Garage Organization

Whose garage is just a big, overpriced storage unit? Between holiday decorations, kids’ toys, and those few boxes that were never unpacked from when you moved in, there’s a lot of stuff! The garage easily becomes the catch-all for when you run out of storage inside your home, or you just don’t know where something belongs. Today I want to focus on organizing the garage and using the space efficiently, rather than talk about organizing the items themselves.


Keeping items to each section is a huge stress-reliever. For example, put kids’ toys on the right, husband’s tools/toys on the left, and storage bins up front. It’s so much easier to find things when they’re kept to specific areas. Of course, having clear bins and labeling helps a lot too (so you can easily see the items inside). Within each area, create a sub-section. Sports equipment like balls, pucks, etc. can be kept in a basket with hockey sticks, bats, and such hanging above. I’ve found that utilizing the wall space gives you so much more real estate for your belongings. If you have bikes, hang them upside down on the ceiling (there’s an area I bet you’ve never thought to use)! I promise – it’s not hard to put them up or take them down like it may seem. Note how many items could potentially live on your wall space and you’ll find that you actually have much more room than you thought.

Your garage can go from “Before” to “After”


Tools & Gadgets

Below is a list of the gadgets I use to help with wall/ceiling organization.

These are incredibly useful for hanging beach chairs, bats, hockey sticks, brooms, etc. Just make sure the material on the hook has a grip-like texture in order to hold objects vertically.

You can use the hooks above for hanging your bike upside down by its’ wheels on the ceiling, or something like this:
I prefer baskets like these so the kids can easily find their sports equipment:
Shelving is awesome for storing bins, paint, nails…the list goes on:
If your husband loves to think of himself as a “handy” guy, he probably has tons of tools. Instead of keeping them in an assortment of toolboxes, I prefer to install drawers/cabinets along the front or side wall where he can keep it all organized. Make sure to put a lock on the power tools drawer! Above the shelving I prefer to put up a pegboard or “handy wall.” They can hang shovels, tape measures, and other frequently-used items here.
These types of cabinets/drawers work great in the garage:

Or pegboard, if you prefer:

Another solution is custom-designed cabinet, drawers, shelves and more from California Closets. They can provide design options to fit your space and your budget!

If you implement these organizational strategies, your space will be perfectly functional and tidy in no time! Let me know if you use the tips, and how they turn out for you, in the comments below. If it seems too daunting a task to do on your own, reach out to us any time – we’re happy to help!