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We’ve all been there – you swear you set your alarm with plenty of time to get yourself ready, lunches packed, and the kids out the door on time for school…but somehow your morning still feels rushed. Why is that? Today I want to discuss my tried-and-true, 5 ways to help calm the morning rush, so you can say “so long” to those hectic mornings!

A calm morning begins the night before. That’s it – that’s the secret! It is best to prep and pack for the following day ahead of time to reduce stress and the risk of leaving something behind. Here’s what I tackle the night before to ensure a chaos-free morning:


I suggest preparing your breakfast meals all at once for the whole week. Sundays are great for meal prepping, as you’ll have the time to make a grocery store run and stock up for the upcoming week’s menu. Egg bites made in a cupcake tin, overnight oats, nutritious breakfast bars, and muffins are all great options that are easy to make, keep well for many days, and are easy for grab-and-go meals!

Backpacks & Briefcases

My fellow moms out there know that our children are not the best at keeping things organized (yet!) Before bed have the kids pack up their belongings in their backpacks including homework, textbooks, writing utensils, etc. Make sure homework has been completed and any paperwork or permission slips have been signed. Check their agenda to ensure items have been checked off, but also review tomorrow’s schedule and prepare anything they (or you) may need. This not only limits morning chaos, but also gives you a clutter-free living space before heading to bed. Knowing your home is tidied up before calling it a night is the best way to achieve peaceful rest.

Pack the Car

Not only should backpacks be loaded up the night before, but go ahead and pack up your returns and items for running errands as well. Coupons, receipts, etc. should be compiled into a neat folder or envelop the night before. If kid’s lunches don’t need to be refrigerated, pack those up as well. It’s a good idea to keep common items such as sunglasses, Chapstick, hand sanitizer, face masks, napkins, and wipes in your glovebox or center console to limit those frantic, mid-commute searches.

Lunch at the office


Arguably the most stressful part of the morning (especially if you accidentally slept past your alarm) is making lunches. Have your kids help you the night before to make sure they a) approve what they’ll be eating tomorrow, b) help you with daily chores, and c) begin developing important skills for adulthood by establishing a healthy diet and time management skills. Don’t forget to pack yourself a lunch or snack if you’ll be on-the-go all day!


This tip may sound old or overdone, but there’s truly no better way to tackle the day ahead than by ensuring you’ve had a good night’s sleep. To achieve this, begin winding down at least one hour before bed. Turn off all electronics, light a candle or turn on your essential oil diffuser, and relax. Reading a book, enjoying a bubble bath, meditating, journaling, writing out your to-do list for tomorrow, or stretching are all fantastic ways to prepare your mind for rest.

Your morning should look a lot less chaotic now that you’ve prepared as much as you can. I’d love to hear which of these tips work best for you (if not all of them) and how it helps your family transition their mornings from rushed to relaxed. Be sure to check out our blog for other helpful family tips, and as always, reach out to us with inquiries or questions anytime at!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

– Tonia

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