Surely if you’re reading this you’re well aware of the calm, satisfied feeling that occurs when you’ve finished cleaning or organizing a space. You know the feeling I’m talking about – it’s the best! Not only does organization make you feel good, but it also does good for you and your family. Successful organizing has many more benefits aside from just a feeling. What are the benefits of organizing, you ask? Let’s discuss:

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Reduce Stress & Depression

Stress is detrimental to many aspects of your life; it affects your sleep, health, mood, etc. Many people know where their stress comes from (work, relationships, and so on) but a hidden cause of stress lies within your home or workspace. A cluttered space is stressful for your brain, which may lead to feeling down, sad, and at times, depression. If you have a chaotic and disorganized space, it only creates more stress. This is why we always want our clients to have a functioning, organized home and workplace. While we can’t control every area of life that may bring about stress, the home is somewhere we can help! Creating an organized space (with a system in place to make it maintainable) will bring relaxation, joy, and calmness into your life.

Better Sleep

Tying into our topic above, sleep and stress go hand-in-hand. If you have too much stress in your life, you’re unlikely to get a restful night’s sleep. Disorganization brings about poor time management, leading to many late nights and last-minute efforts to complete tasks, ultimately keeping you from getting that much-needed rest. Furthermore, sleep can affect mental health because sleep deprivation can cause irritability and stress, and chronic lack of sleep puts you at risk of developing anxiety or depression. In short, organization = less stress, and less stress = better sleep because you are more comfortable and at peace in an organized space.

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Improve Your Relationships

It should come as no surprise to hear that if disorganization affects sleep, it can also affect your relationships. Clutter creates tension and conflict, which transfers to your personal relationships all too easily. Disorganization can bring about feelings of shame or embarrassment and can potentially cause people to be closed off. This can lead to not letting people in and separating from friends & family. An organized, functional space is key for achieving happiness at home and in your relationships.

Boost Productivity

Even more crucial during these times of working from home, we must maintain organization for productivity purposes. If you can’t help but see all of this clutter while trying to get work done (whether that work is professional or personal) it will impair your ability to focus. Clutter (too many things in one place) overloads us visually and interferes with our ability to process information, which affects our focus. By maintaining a clean, organized space, you’re increasing your chances of having a productive day. Being efficient throughout the day allows you to spend more time enjoying the things that make you happy and less time stressing over the tasks you were unable to complete.

To be productive, plan for it

As you can see, all the benefits of organizing go hand-in-hand. By achieving an organized space, free of chaos, you are setting yourself up for far more success in all areas of life. Do yourself a favor and jump on the organization train if you haven’t already – we can’t wait for you to see how it truly improves your life! If you need help or would like to set up a consultation for your organization needs, reach out to us at, we’d love to hear from you!

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– Tonia

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