Tips and Tools to Help Those with ADD or ADHD Stay Organized

ADHD Organization TIps

Getting organized and staying on track can be challenging for those who suffer with ADD or ADHD. It is hard to prioritize tasks, pay attention to details and sustain attention span.

Here are a few tips and tools to help keep you organized and on top of your game:

  • 1. Help reduce clutter in your workspace or home. A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind.

  • 2. Use a color-coded system to file important files or tasks to do. For example, use red as a color for immediate tasks that need to be completed and blue for ones that you have a longer time frame to accomplish.

  • 3. Utilize a calendar, not just on your phone but also have a physical calendar with all your appointments, tasks, etc. prominently displayed so that the night before, you have a clear idea of what the next day will consist of. Stick to ONE calendar!

  • 4. Prioritize what needs to be done so that you complete the timeliest tasks first and put longer time frame tasks on the schedule down the road.

  • 5. Schedule all activities, both work and personal, on your calendar as well as schedule down-time activities such as relaxing, time with your kids, etc. on the calendar.

  • 6. If you have a problem with procrastination, create artificial deadlines so that you will complete tasks a day or two ahead to make sure you meet the actual deadline.

  • 7. Set an alarm on a clock or your phone to remind you of deadlines.

  • 8. Medication isn’t always the only thing you need to help regulate the executive functioning process. Consider making an overall plan for your mental health routine such as a regular exercise routine, healthy eating habits, emotional support through a therapist and building other strategies to building better habits. We know it’s a lot to take in alone.

Lastly, if getting organized is too difficult for you, hire a professional to help.  I am Level 2 Certified through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization in CD and ADHD, so I understand the challenges that one faces with these disabilities.

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There are so many ways that organization and planning can improve your life and save you lots of time and effort! Whatever the space, we are excited to help start your journey to an organized, and personalized home.

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