I hope that everybody is off to a great start to 2023. The New Year is already flying by! If you didn’t get a chance to watch my Good Morning Texas segment in January, you can view it here.  I have been working with GMT for almost 17 years and every single time I get a little nervous. Hopefully you can’t tell (haha!!) I’m so thankful they keep calling me back to the studio after all these years. I had some really good tips on those items in your home that aren’t being used which you can easily purge and collect cash for. Its always nice to donate to your favorite charity, but for some items its nice to get money back to spend towards new electronics or something you have been saving up for! 

First of all, I want to report on some of my organizing projects that I’ve been working on in my own home. I was able to organize a little bit in my kitchen. There was a specific area that was kind of a catchall cupboard with different types of cooking tools, and items I don’t use very often. Thankfully that’s finally complete, it’s been on the list for a VERY long time. I was also able to purge through our costume closet. I am a little bit sentimental, so that one was a little tougher for me than I had anticipated! The costumes that I kept I bagged in canvas garment bags, so they remain dust free.

Next up on my list is going to be completing the spices this month. Remember, organizing doesn’t have to all be done in one day. I like to pick one area a month in the house that needs to be organized or refreshed so I don’t get overwhelmed. I have a lot of other organizing projects going on with clients, so I don’t want to get overwhelmed with my own projects. 😅 It’s funny, as an organizer we don’t always want to come home and organize our own home because we are organizing all day. Although I am glad when it is completed, I feel a lot more in control of my spaces! 

Tips to Stay on Track

  1. Start with a small area or drawer.
  2. Move left to right if you feel like you are getting off track.
  3. Purge and get real with your items. Ask yourself the hard questions. Do I really NEED this? How long has it been since I’ve used this?
  4. Hire a clutter buddy or invite a friend over to help you stay on track!

So remember, start small, move left to right, and keep yourself on track. Be sure to let us know how you’re doing on your organizing projects this month!  


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