Backyard organization shed

Summertime is for backyard cookouts, pool days, and family gatherings. It’s no wonder summer is everyone’s favorite season! Spending time outdoors is ideal for those large get-togethers: more space, no breakable heirlooms, and lots of Vitamin C. Let’s make sure your backyard is ready for all the activity!

Outdoor Furniture

The number one thing I shop for when designing or organizing an outdoor space is weather-resistant furniture and water-repellent fabrics. There’s no point in purchasing a beautiful outdoor sectional if you’ll have to replace it by summer’s end. Plus, you can never predict what mother nature has in store for us (especially here in Texas) so it’s best to be prepared. For the items that still need protection, stock up on furniture covers – and use them. These will come in handy for your seating arrangements, grill, etc.

Outdoor Storage

Between games, outdoor kitchen equipment, décor, and more, there’s a lot of things in your backyard. But in order to be ready for guests at the drop of a hat, it’s important that everything has its place and is always put back where it belongs when not in use.

For your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to have a silverware caddy, drawer organizers, and clear bins for your seasonings, grilling equipment, etc. I believe that keeping everything organized in clear bins helps with being able to find things quickly and easily. Plus, clear bins should keep the, “Honey, where are the spatulas?!” from flooding into the house from the backyard.

If you’re into gardening, you know it’s a hobby that comes with lots of tools. I like to keep them organized and stored in the garage or shed with a hanging wall organizer. You know, the hanging organizer we all used for our shoes back in college (or still do – no judgement!) I am a big fan of using up empty wall space for organizational purposes. It’s usually a spot that goes unnoticed and unused. Blank space is wasted space in this scenario.

Now, what to do with your games and activities? I love a good storage bench (i.e. when the seat lifts up to reveal an empty chest). This is where you should keep board games, cards, croquet, soccer balls, baseball equipment, etc. A chest is also a great way to protect these precious babysitters…I mean games (ha!) from bad weather.

Finally, it’s time to tackle all of the pool items. Towels should be kept in a dry space, like another seating bench, ottoman, or closet. Even an extra cabinet in your outdoor kitchen space will work. Then that leaves the sunscreens, goggles, etc. They’re small items that sure can take up a lot of room! Consider a pretty outdoor planter or basket that can double as décor as well as storage. This can be kept off the patio and closer to the pool or lounge area for easier access.

I hope y’all enjoy a wonderful summer with your friends and family. With these organizational tips of mine you’ll be able to enjoy your gatherings rather than spend the whole time decluttering and cleaning up. Do you have tips of your own you’d like to share? Reach out to us at and let us know. We’re also happy to discuss how our team can help you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Looking forward to hearing from you,