We are in the thick of the DIY age, and understandably so! Consumers have so much inspiration at their fingertips thanks to social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok), video streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), and our good friend Google. I’ll never discount the tips and tricks we are able to learn from our friends online (hey, this blog counts as one of them!) but I really want my readers and clients to understand that there is a time and place for professional organizers vs. DIY. Let’s jump in on what makes professionals worth the money!

Professional Services

Professionals bring a lot to the table that inexperienced DIYers do not. While there are many attributes to count, I can almost always break them into two categories: skill and experience. This isn’t to say that DIY organizers don’t have talent or natural skills of their own, but there is most certainly a difference. Here’s what I mean…

Professional organizers are skilled in their line of work, and they’ve had the time to fine-tune and perfect their trade. If they weren’t, their business wouldn’t be very successful now, would it? From studying and earning certificates to creating the perfect shopping list for your organizing project, they bring a level of expertise to every part of the organizing journey. Can you imagine how many trips to the Container Store you’d take if tackling a big project on your own for the first time? And with today’s gas prices?! No thanks! Professional organizers understand how to create & install functional systems in the spaces around your home or business to lead you to your happiest, most manageable life. These systems are created to also be maintainable, crafted specifically to your daily life & routine.

The degree of skill needed is especially true when it comes to clients with ADHD. Sorted Out’s organizers went through training to learn how to organize & create customized systems specific to those with ADHD, so that the organization is successful for YOUR specific needs. Our organizers also boast an impressive list of certificates of study ranging from hoarding behavior to aging clients. Organizing is not a “one size fits all” art form. This is why skill and experience in understanding a variety of needs (and the ability to quickly pivot and provide solutions) is crucial for a successful organization system.



The most common hurdle all clients face is time. Our lives are hectic and between school, work, sports, laundry, and meal prep, it can be absolutely daunting to want to take on another project. Hiring professional organizers vs. DIY solutions is a no-brainer if you struggle with finding or carving out extra time. Professionals come with a great deal of support, instead of a one-man show to divide and conquer at all steps, from purging your overstuffed closet to shopping for storage needs. Why add more to your plate and schedule when you have access to experts who are ready and able to assist?

Our skills and experience help us work swiftly and accurately every time. Not only can we get the job done within a reasonable time frame, but our team can even help by giving you tools and training on how to better manage your day-to-day. You see, professional organizers don’t just put food in clear bins and slap labels on boxes in the garage; we organize everything from your pantry to your weekly planner. If you’re considering spending time on DIY organizing, up the ante by bringing one of our pros and watch your life become incredibly more organized, efficient, and manageable. Let’s do it right the first time. It’s worth it, I promise!

Personally Beneficial

The first step of organizing is always to purge. No, not like the horror film that’s given a few of us way too many nightmares (ha!) I mean the pull-it-out-and-toss step! While professional organizers find this step easy, necessary, and even sometimes fun, it can be hard if you’re tackling a DIY organization project. I know first-hand how attached we can become towards material items, reliving the memories as we take things out one by one. I’m all for taking a walk down memory lane, but doing it at the very beginning of a big project? Probably not the best idea. Hiring professional organizers vs. DIY allows you to separate yourself from inefficient tasks and can help keep things moving according to schedule.

Sorted Out organizers always tell clients that organization is a continuous job. Not in a daunting, “will this project ever be complete?!” type of way, but in a maintenance-is-key way. If you don’t keep up with the organization systems in place, you’ll eventually find yourself back at square one. This is where I find a lot of DIY organizers fall short; they think once everything is tucked away and tidied up the job is done. Professional organizers are ready to train you and give you pointers on keeping up with the new organization established. This should allow you to keep your home (or office space) happily efficient for years to come. While we’re always happy to come back and help you freshen up your systems, we know we’ve succeeded when our clients don’t need us too quickly once we’re done. When you hire professional organizers vs. DIY, you’re getting a built-in accountability buddy (and we can all admit to needing one of those from time to time!)


All in all, we want you to be successful! Our goal for our clients is to live a happy, stress-and-clutter-free life. We know what we’re doing and have the certifications and experience to prove it. Help us help you and hire out professional organizers. You’ll be happy you did!

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