When it comes to organizing, anything is better than nothing. But like most areas of life, there are tiered levels of success. Let’s take a look at the top 10 organizing mistakes people make, so that you can avoid repeating them during your next organization haul!

1. Going out & buying organizing supplies before purging

If you buy before you purge, there’s a high possibility you’ll end up buying too much or buy a container for something you don’t even end up keeping. It’s best to purge prior to shopping so that you’re only buying items you actually need, making it better for your space and wallet.

2. Taking everything out of their space to get organized

While purging is a must during any organization haul, it is not wise to try and tackle everything at once. Sometimes people are not realistic about how long it takes to get organized, so it may be best to take it one cabinet/space at a time.

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3. Not measuring the space before shopping for products

When it comes to organizing, you want to maximize all of the space you have. In order to achieve this, you must measure your space before purchasing organizational products. If not, you’ll end up purchasing a ton of containers, bins, etc. that don’t fit, leading to overspending and way too many trips to the return counter.

4. Buying a wide range of bins/containers/organizers that are very different, for the same space

Consistency is key when it comes to organizing. Many folks get distracted by all of the pretty baskets, bins, colors, and fabrics at the store and end up buying an eclectic mix. It’s best to choose one style to stick with for consistency and cohesion, and to keep your newly organized space from looking cluttered due to all of the clashing styles. The different sizes and shapes of your bins will give you plenty of opportunities to mix things up!

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5. Making categories too specific

Sure, having one designated bin/space for every single item sounds nice, but it’s not realistic. Narrowing spaces down doesn’t allow you to include a variety of items and ends up limiting space. It becomes difficult to maintain the system you’ve created because you’ll end up putting items into just any container. Try pairing items that have similar functions (or are commonly used together, like coffee grounds + sugar) to maximize your space. Sorting by function rather than by similarity creates a much more successful, organized space.

6. Putting too much in the medicine cabinet

Many times people try to cram everything into the medicine cabinet, which is usually a very small storage space to begin with. Instead, you can add containers under the sink or add shelves to help contain items. If you’re packing too much into a small space, chances of you using every product are slim, simply because you can’t see them all!

7. Not utilizing premium placement spaces

Items you use most should receive premium placement. Keep items you use regularly/every day in an easy to reach spot, then other items you only use once in a while on the higher shelves, or further back.

8. Strategically using vertical space

People often forget that they can go “up” (or vertical) with storage! Think about utilizing hooks, shelves, etc. to maximize wasted space. While stacking is definitely a good strategy, people commonly make the mistake of stacking items WAY too high, which leads to items (especially dishes) chipping, or falling down. Think of using shelf risers to divide the cabinet or pantry to maximize the full potential of the space.

9. Adding to the clutter in your home by not thinking about what you are bringing in (and how much)

The more you bring in the more you should purge, but people forget about the “purge” step. It can be tempting to unload all of your new clothes, groceries, etc. and move right along, but in order to keep up with your organization, purging is a must. If you ignore this step, you end up collecting a bunch of “stuff” which leads to unnecessary clutter. It’s also a common reason why so many people accumulate multiples of the same item. Put in the work the first time to avoid an overwhelming experience during your next spring cleaning venture.

10. Not storing things properly

When people get too comfortable or are in a rush they don’t think about how to store items – they just throw things into containers and put them “away”. Some items require special storing, so they don’t get ruined or tarnished. Make sure your bins and organizational tools are appropriate for your items.

The most important rule of thumb when organizing is to place functionality over all else. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for organizing; if it doesn’t function well for you and your family, there is a better solution out there. Next time you feel like tackling an organization haul in your home or office, keep in mind the top 10 organization mistakes people make, so that you don’t fall victim to the same mistakes. What are some of your mistakes-turned-lessons when it comes to organizing? Leave your thoughts below! If the process becomes too overwhelming to tackle alone, give us a call. We would be honored to help!

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