Who here has a junk drawer? How about a junk closet? What about…a junk refrigerator?! It’s so easy to hastily put things in a storage area and close the door on it, quickly forgetting and ignoring the fact that it is an absolute mess. Doors and drapes have a magical way of making unorganized spaces appear tidy, but you and I both know better than that. Let’s chat about refrigerator organization, specifically focusing on the needs of clients with ADHD.

Clean it out

Start with a clean (and empty) slate. Cleaning and reorganizing is impossible to do when the space is still cluttered and messy. Before you do anything else, take everything (and I mean everything) out of the refrigerator. Toss expired goods, place old leftover tupperware containers in the dishwasher, and wipe down the fridge. Ahhh, don’t you feel better already?!


Stock up on organizational tools

You’ll want to have clear bins so that you can keep like-items together but see into it when searching for one specific thing. A label maker is great for this as well, so that other family members can easily find items and (here’s the kicker) return them to their designated place! They’re also convenient for adding expiration dates so you can use older items first and toss expired items regularly. I am a big fan of clear egg trays as well so that you can see how many you have left anytime you open the refrigerator, and they’re also handy for stacking. Check out my list below for some ADHD fridge organization must-haves:

Produce drawers

I think I may surprise you with this next fridge organization tip: I suggest you not use produce drawers for produce. More often than not, produce is hidden and shoved to the back of the drawer, which leads to rotting (and very smelly) food. These handy and overlooked compartments in your fridge should be utilized for large stock beverages, such as bottled water, juice boxes, etc. Condiments that are made to last longer in the fridge (ketchup, mustard, ranch, etc.) should also have a designated drawer. Make sure if you have kids that the snacks and items you allow them to grab on their own are easily accessible and visible.


Shelf storage

Items that have a short shelf-life like fruits and veggies should be front and center! You’re more likely to actually use the items if they are in your line-of-sight every time you open your fridge. And hey, it’s an easy way to encourage yourself to make healthier choices, too! When you restock fresh and perishable items, make sure you put the new ones towards the back, moving the sooner-to-expire goods to the front. To keep things looking orderly, utilize the clear bins recommended in my shopping list above. To extend the life of perishable items you may want to try using airtight containers and resealable bags. Herb savers are also an absolute miracle worker with maintaining freshness (and keeping them easily seen/accessible). Again, I suggest keeping kid-friendly snacks and items on the lower shelves where they can be found without your assistance.

Door storage

Bottled (or boxed) beverages like milk, orange juice, etc. that have short expiration dates should be kept in the door where they can be kept a close eye on. The more often you’re seeing these items, the more you’ll use them, and the quicker you’ll remember to toss them when the time comes.


Meal Prep

Prep food in advance – this will not only help you if you are in a rush, but also helps maximize space in your fridge. Planning meals for the week will encourage you to use the ingredients you already have in stock (and save you money on your grocery trip!) Go ahead and chop up anything fresh right when you get it, so it’s ready to eat when you want it, or throw into a recipe to save time during the week. Download our printable weekly meal planning form HERE.

As you can see, the real trick for ADHD fridge organization is line-of-sight and easy access. Keeping perishable items front-and-center not only encourages their use, but also prevents your fridge from hosting that horrendous, dreaded odor because you’ll be on top of disposal. I hope these tips are helpful for you and your family, if you have any of your own please share them with all of us by leaving them in the comments! If you need additional organization help, reach out to us any time at

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