Here’s What to Expect

First Steps:

Sorted Out will start out with an initial one-hour consultation, this is required prior to starting a project. During the consultation, the organizer will assess the space & discuss options for the renovation. Sorted Out teams up with reputable custom closet designers and can work alongside them to make sure you receive exactly what you want & (most importantly) what you will need.

Closet Makeover Details:

  • Customized Layout and Storage Areas

  • Custom Jewelry and Handbag Storage

  • Custom Finishes and Inserts

  • Lighted Shoe Storage

See Tonia Work Her Custom Closet Magic!

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Sorted Out has worked with architects & custom home builders to assist clients with the plans for the new home, to ensure they get all necessary organizational customizations before plans are finalized. We also work with Interior Designers when the space is completed, to create a beautifully organized closet that you and your family will love.

A Sorted Out Organizer will meet with you and the designer during their consultation appointment to learn more about what your dream closet looks like. The organizer will take a full closet inventory to guarantee the final design includes everything you will need to create an organized, functional customized closet to fit your specific needs.

Before / After Pictures


If you are considering a custom closet, give us a call at (214) 383-9985 or reach us by email at We can’t wait to get started!

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There are so many ways that organization and planning can improve your life and save you lots of time and effort! Whatever the space, we are excited to help start your journey to an organized, and personalized home.