Taletha Rivas

Professional Organizer

Taletha Rivas

Professional Organizer

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The journey that led me to Professional Organizing was quite extensive and adventurous. As a teenager, I attended a different high school in a different state or country each year. This required learning not only the skills of packing and unpacking but how to adjust quickly to change, new environments, and people from all walks of life.

Before organizing, most of my career had been as a Professional Partner Dance Instructor and a West Coast Swing Champion. That 20 plus year adventure had taken me all over the world and gifted me with an opportunity to travel and connect with people from different cultures, and life perspectives.

As a Dance Instructor, I learned the value of balance, and that each student deserves a custom learning experience. I tend to take the same approach to my organizing projects. By balancing out the functional with the aesthetic, and by adding the unique needs of each client into the mix, my desire is for my clients to experience calm, and clarity during daily tasks like making breakfast, cleaning the house, or packing for a trip out of town.

During a short three-year hiatus from dance, I entered the world of teaching a much younger demographic as a Montessori Preschool Teacher. Creating playrooms and creative spaces for little ones is an art in itself. I have learned that it is important to simplify a child’s space to help create the sense of order they actually crave, thus leaving room for more creativity and play. This of course is not just true for little humans but for all-grown-up ones too.

I have always been a huge consumer of self-improvement books, podcasts, and courses. My own experience with moving up the ranks in a competitive sport, and my student’s struggles inspired me to take my self-improvement game further. Becoming a Certified Life Coach helped me better guide my students on their journey in dance and in life. By learning thought management tools I also developed a much healthier relationship with my to-do list, as well as a much more organized life.

My home life is rich and rewarding and the journey has and continues to be a beautiful wave of ups and downs. My husband Christian and my 7-year-old step-daughter Elliot fill my life with laughter, deep conversations, and adventures. We have two ridiculous Boxer dogs, Honey and Whisky who never fail to entertain us with their crazy antics. As a family, we love to go camping in our rooftop tent, enjoy firepit conversations with neighbors, and decadent meals at home and out on the town. My personal hobbies include indoor rock climbing, developing the AdventureNow! App, and running my annual West Coast Swing Dance Event, Austin Rocks.

As your organizer, I will collaborate with you to create and design organizational systems that are easy to maintain and fit seamlessly into your life. By bringing a balanced approach of functionality and artistry working in tandem with your personal needs and preferences, my goal is to leave you with not only an organized space but also peace of mind so that you have more time and energy for the important things in your life.

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