Carol Onorato

Professional Organizer

Carol Onorato

Professional Organizer

Get To Know Carol

Hi! My name is Carol and I LOVE to organize. My passion for organizing brought me to Sorted Out. Even as a child, on a farm in Wisconsin, I would go over to a neighbor’s house that was very cluttered and all I wanted to do was clean it up. I am sure some people think that’s a little quirky, but I know my dedication and passion can help others who would like to live a more clutter free life!

I have three grown sons and when they were little, I was always looking for a better way to contain all of their belongings. From a hammock strung across the bedroom ceiling to hold all of the stuffed animals; to a rolling cart full of drawers to hold the miniature figures to take to the gaming store every weekend; there was always a way to make everything a bit neater. I like to think of myself as creating innovative ways to organize any existing space, whether it’s a garage, closet or even a professional office.

We would also have a garage sale twice a year to get rid of anything that wasn’t being used. Every closet and cabinet were gone through, purged, and tidied up. My boys would gladly put unused toys and clothes into the sale because I always gave them the proceeds. As soon as the sale was done, the leftovers were boxed up, given to charity that day, and the garage was swept out. It was a win/win on both sides because they made some money and the house stayed neat and tidy.

Now, I’m constantly tweaking my own home. I love opening a perfectly organized drawer, either in the closet or the kitchen. Each dress has an index card attached to the hanger listing which jewelry, bag, and shoes go with it to make the perfect outfit. My mind is always thinking of ways to make things more efficient, functional but pretty.

It would be a privilege to use my organizing skills to help you reach your ideal living environment. A tidy home lets you leave your stress at the door and allowing you to spend time doing the things you enjoy!

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