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Ashley Contreras

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Level 1 Foundation Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization through ICD

Hi, I’m Ashley! I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 16 years and we have two handsome boys, ages 9 and 14. My family loves to travel, spend time with our family/friends and watch/play sports.

Our boys are very involved in baseball, basketball, church and anything else that sparks their interest. They keep us super busy, which makes our lives exciting, yet a little chaotic. We are constantly on the go, with little time between activities and places to be. Due to our active lifestyle, it is imperative that I keep our home organized and uncluttered.

Since childhood, I have always had a knack for decluttering and organizing. I was constantly rearranging my closet, bathroom cabinets, the kitchen, and anything else that was out of place or not set up efficiently. As I got older, this habitat stuck with me and became my obsession. I quickly realized that by keeping things in order, it created structure. This made my day-to-day tasks far less stressful and more productive. My friends and family would often compliment that my house was always orderly and well-functioning. They would tease that I needed to come and help them create the same feeling in their homes. I would always take them up on the offer because I loved watching their homes transform, but more importantly to see the weight of chaos lifted from life. This is what sparked my desire to reach out and begin helping others outside of my circle. I truly enjoy bringing a sense of calm and functionality to someone’s life. Whether it be at your home, or in your workplace, reducing clutter and chaos allows you to be more focused and efficient. I would love to work with you and bring that peace to your life by creating a beautiful and organized space.
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