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The Sorted Out Affiliate Program

Have you ever thought about becoming a professional organizer?

Sorted Out is looking for energetic, hard working, organized, entrepreneurial talent to join our team as independent affiliates.

Our Program Includes:

Three Days In-Class Training

Business Concepts & Sorted Out principles
Sales, Marketing, and Networking
Sorted Out Organizer Process Manual

Two Days Field Training/Shadowing with Tonia Tomlin

Residential Client
Business Client

Bonus Items:

  • 100 Customized Carbon Invoices

  • 500 Personalized Business Cards

  • 500 Brochures on the “Unorganized Work Space” (8 pages)


  • Flexible Schedule

  • Learning from one of the best in the business!

  • Personal profile and Headshot on Sorted Out website

  • Personal Sorted Out Email Address

  • Access to the Sorted Out Blog

  • Access to the Sorted Out Facebook page

  • Sorted Out Contract/Work Agreement

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