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Megan Lewis

Megan Lewis

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I’m a Louisiana girl, living in a Texas world! I’m originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I wouldn’t be an organizer if it were not for my Mom. She noticed how sensitive I was to my surroundings and how difficult it was for me to accomplish my goals. My physician diagnosed me with ADHD and offered resources for our family to help me focus and become the best version of myself. My life radically changed when I learned how to live life with my specific “gift”. My practice of organization quickly became a passion. Sitting quietly in a chaotic closet, thinking of how to make life easier for myself or someone else became my happy place.

I graduated from Louisiana State University and moved to Houston to pursue my dream of becoming a medical sales account manager. I worked in the Houston Medical Center for several years in orthopedic surgery and critical care. I worked very intense hours. I found myself resorting to organizing at work and home as an escape.

While in Houston, I met my soon-to-be husband, Ben. He is actually the reason we are now Dallasites! He received a job offer in Dallas, so we packed up our home, two dogs and headed north. Outside of organizing, I love decorating, Pilates, sporting events and all things Louisiana.

Organizing and creating efficient spaces goes way beyond “cleaning”. So much of what we do, feel and think comes from the state of our environment. I cannot wait to work with you to create a peaceful space to live, play, work or rest!

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