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Kristen Blackwell

Level I Certificate of Study in ADHD
Level I Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization

I was born and raised in the DFW area along with my 5 other siblings. To say organization was necessary is an understatement. Thankfully, my mom took the lead on that and it was passed down to me, which is where my passion began. Bi-annual garage sales were common in our household growing up, so any chance I get to eliminate clutter, I take! All my life, I have always been the one organizing and decluttering to make life more simplistic, less chaotic.

I graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a Nursing degree and have worked in the operating room as well as a fertility clinic. After a few years, I decided I wanted a career where I could put my passion of organization into drive. I found Sorted Out at the perfect time and was so excited to utilize my organizational skills to help others.

I live in Plano along with my husband, our two cats and dog. My husband knows to leave the organization up to me! Outside of organizing, I love to read, cook, soak up the sun (preferably at the beach!), and spend time with family and friends whenever I get the chance.

Organizing your space can truly make all the difference in how you work and live. I am thrilled to help your space become organized, clutter-free, beautiful, and cohesive!

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