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My name is Jordan Baum! Born and raised in Dallas, Texas!


Since I was young, I’ve always had a passion for decor, design, organizing, and all things “artsy!” My parents were both very orderly people and in turn, I inherited those traits. Now I am a mom to an amazing 5-year-old girl and I’m working to teach her to be the same way.

Prior to working with Sorted Out, I worked in fashion as a stylist. I spent a lot of time in different closets which led me to want to take on the organizing aspect! I spent years as a professional cheerleader, which taught me so many valuable lessons when it comes to working with different personalities and adapting to my environment.


I find so much joy in being able to help others. I do what I do to help alleviate stress and I believe everything in your home should have its place. Life is busy, times get hectic, and it’s so easy for things to get out of hand if you allow them to! 

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