Expert Guidance in Your Own Workspace

Get things under control, fast, with On-Site Coaching specifically designed for the busy executive. You can’t afford days of preparation or self-training time — you need results now! A SortedOut coach comes to your office and empowers you in 7 hours as you do your own work. When your time really is money, this is your most cost-effective solution.

What It Includes

During the coaching, you learn innovative principles of time and task management, and your office is optimized for workflow efficiency. You then practice your new skills using your own work. Our SortedOut expert watches your work style, customizes the systems and software apps to meet your preferences and needs, and answers all of your questions on the spot. For 21 business days afterwards, your coach holds you accountable to your new systems, answering your questions and making corrections until you have new, long-lasting habits. Technical support for your software tools is also included to keep you running smoothly as you learn your new habits.

  • 1-Day Personal On-Site C2C Coaching

    Especially designed for busy executives and professionals without a dedicated admin. Includes everything described above.

  • 1.5-Day Executive On-Site C2C Coaching

    For business owners, plus professionals and executives with a dedicated admin. Everything described above, plus systems development between executive and personal admin, plus advanced training that empowers you to balance all areas of your life and focus consistently on your most profitable activities.

  • Group/Team On-Site C2C Coaching & Training

    For corporate teams and entire offices. Train your entire team or company at once. All the benefits of the 1-Day Executive On-Site at a lower cost per person. Group teaching followed by individual training and follow up by a SortedOut expert, plus individual tech support.

Ask a Coach, Free (Phone, Skype, or Email)

Stop fiddling with tools, and start getting organized.
Your initial consultation is free (up to 20 minutes—a $50 value).

Executive/Personal On-Site Chaos2Calm Coaching Options

Remove the Stress & Experience the Calm

We invite you to experience the feeling and inner peace & energy that comes from being organized and prepared.