Ann Cherrette | VP Operations

Innvision Hospitality, Inc.

Over the last year, Innvision Hospitality has had the privilege of working with Tonia, and the team at Sorted Out.

In the fall of 2016, Innvision made the decision to find a strategic partner who would help one of our team members grow to the next level – the barrier was lack of organization. As our company grew, and the team member’s client base grew, we recognized that the workload was out growing our how our team member managed the fundamentals of her daily routine. Since the team member has such great success with Sorted Out, we decided to share the basic fundamentals taught by Sorted Out to our team member with everyone in the company. We invited Sorted Out to our annual meeting, where Tonia and one of her consultants, facilitated a workshop for all our team members to attend. They learned the fundamentals managing their day, their tasks and their emails. As a result of the workshop, our company adopted a policy that each team member has specific one hour block of time in their day designated as uninterrupted time. The return on the investment has been tremendous.

Robin Zweig

GMT Closet Makeover Winner

I was overjoyed to have the Sorted Out team come to give my disastrous closet a makeover! The expertise of Tonia Tomlin was invaluable. I can’t thank you enough! I had so many clothes that would not fit on my racks anymore. They helped me sort out what I truly needed to keep. They added a new closet system including drawers that were far more functional. Now my cleaner, neater closet has a whole new look, and I can find my clothes easier.

Julie Browning

Mother of Twins

I heard Tonia Tomlin speak recently at a convention for Mothers of Twins and Triplets. She spoke about organizing closets, playrooms, and toy chests. She also discussed ways to save all that school artwork that comes home. The presentation was excellent and allowed plenty of time for questions and answers. Tonia became one with the audience. She passed around samples of some of the products she recommends for organizing as well has had very useful handouts. I was disappointed when the session ended. I highly recommend any speaking engagement to be held by Sorted Out!

Kirby Stuart

I contacted Sorted Out & Tonia to help me organize my kitchen and pantry of my apartment. In no time, Tonia had completely updated and organized my kitchen. Everything flows and works together all while a system that I love and will use daily. Never underestimate what can be done in 4 hours time! My home is totally different and it’s thanks to Sorted Out. Tonia’s vibrant personality and wonderful organizing tips get you excited to get your house in order. The tips she gave me will stick with me in other areas of my home life. You don’t have to be buried in clutter to use the priceless services of Sorted Out, sometimes you just need a little help getting a system together. Tonia and her team will be a part of my home and business life for many years to come.

Janie Gilkison

The Junior League of Plano

Tonia spoke to the Junior League of Plano at one of our FUNdamentals programs. She presented valuable information on a number of organizing challenges. As the hostess of the program I found Tonia very easy to work with and well prepared. Her talk was filled with great ideas and she presented her information with enthusiasm and humor.

I believe her presentation would be valuable to a number of other organizations.

Scott Mackinaw


I was having problems with getting accurate inventory counts and having too much inventory on hand. We are a small medical device manufacturing company and I just didn’t have time to internally correct the issues I was having.

I contacted Sorted Out from a referral and Tonia and her associates came into our offices and “sorted out” all inventory products including raw materials and tools. Because of her fresh ideas and knowledge, she put into place a system that allows me to have more control of inventory. I now get accurate counts in a timely manner and have reduced my inventory carrying cost by 50%.

Edward Roske and Family

Tonia Tomlin and her wonderful team of organizers did an excellent job on getting my household organized and ready to move. Without their efforts we would have not had a chance of being ready to move on time.

Tonia and her team were efficient, effective, and friendly. During 3 weeks worth of time they organized a 3 bedroom house including a very messy garage, and in the worst heat of the summer. They found things that we did not know that we had!

Tonia also recommend a cleaning lady and mover that we used and that have worked out well for us. All in all Tonia and her team were just what we needed when we needed them and we are very pleased with their work. We recommended Tonia and her team to anyone who needs to organize anything.

Sharon Easley

Attorney, Plano, TX

We employed Sorted Out to work with an employee of ours who lacks good organizational skills and who is, otherwise, a very good and loyal employee. Tonia has worked, not only to organize her, but to organize many aspects of our organization, all very successfully. She operates with little instruction and completes the tasks timely and efficiently. She has continued to meet regularly with our employee, who is performing much more efficiently. Not only has Tonia helped to improve our overall office efficiency, she has helped improve the skills of a very valued employee who, without Tonia’s help, was beginning to lose her value to us.

Renee Roach | Office Manager

Lone Star Cars, Inc.

Lone Star Cars, Inc. is a small but very successful independent automobile dealership. Our office is extremely busy and the paperwork is almost out of control. Six months ago in March 2007 we contracted with Sorted Out. From the very first day, the efficiency of the office, the clutter and the organization of the work improved. With each session the work becomes more productive, less stressful and better organized. The maintenance program is must to maintain the quality of the improvements this office experiences everyday. Thank you Sorted Out for improving our look as well as our productivity.

Jackie Roberts

Lone Star Cars, Plano, TX

Tonia we can’t thank you enough for organizing our office here at Lone Star Cars. We look forward to our maintenance program you have set up for us. Your expertise, encouragement, and knack for organizing have up lifted ALL of us. As a result, we are more productive in our office and can see a huge difference. See you next month! Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.

Angie Christon

Tonia I can never thank you enough for all your help! You have been a blessing to me and our home. I cannot tell you how much time and money you have saved me by keeping all aspects of my life organized. All the systems you have helped me put into place from paperwork, to the kitchen, the kids toy room, my garage, everything has worked. You are the BEST! I cannot wait to have you back again next month!

Jennifer G

Thank you so much for organizing my pantry. It has never looked better. You worked so quickly and gave me so many great ideas. Now I am inspired to organize the rest of my kitchen. I tell everyone I know about you, and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me.

Jan T.

Tonia was incredible! She was so energetic and personable. I love how she worked so fast and helped me make decisions about my “stuff” without ever being judgmental. I was completely comfortable with her and now feel a huge burden taken off of my shoulders!

Shannon T.

As most people, the kitchen is the “heart” of the home. The one big problem in our “heart” was my pantry. It is a large walk-in pantry and it was – to say the least- a mess! It was full of “stuff” with no organization at all. I had several appliances (you know, the ones you see on TV that you must have) that I only use once in a while. My food was scattered here and there. Lots of food got pushed to the back and God only knows how long they had been there! Tonia came in and was very professional with lots of ideas on how to organize my pantry. She did a wonderful job and I could not be happier with my new – now organized – pantry! My husband even said that he feels sorry for the first person who messes it up!

Patricia Ann Cole

Graduate Gemologist (GIA), A.J.P. (GIA)

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your assistance. Not only am I able to find phone numbers, emails, is etc., but the organization of my professional articles even more valuable. Few people know that in the gem and jewelry industry there are constant changes, new discoveries, and, most important of all, the synthetic and gem stone treatments today are very advanced. I cannot possibly house all the magazines. I simply take the articles that are most important in my business of jewelry appraisals. The binder categorizes the articles, and makes it easy to locate the information that I need. Thanks for the assistance.

Sherri Johnson | President

Pi Phi Moms of North Texas

Thank you so much for agreeing to speak to Pi Phi Moms. Everyone enjoyed your friendly relaxed manner and we all learned some great tips to help get us organized and to help our daughters stay organized as they move from home to college and back again. Your presentation was very informative and our group gained an enormous amount of information from the question and answer session.
Thank you again for helping us “sort it out”.

Curlytop Welch

th being a mom, time and organization is essential but hard to come by. So, when Tonia Tomlin from, Sorted Out, offered me both I jumped on it. Just the simple task of organizing all of my parenting magazines into an easy to use reference notebook has freed up my time tremendously. I just love it!

Steve Morrison

I have been a regular client with Sorted Out for over three years now. Tonia Tomlin and her associates have re-organized all my financial and personal records as well as my entire house. She coordinated my move into a new home and has helped me finish countless personal projects. Mike, with Sorted Out, re-worked my garage into a model of efficiency. I trust Tonia and her company to keep all my affairs in order.

Trey Sawtelle

Tonia and the Sorted Out Team were outstanding! They came into our aircraft maintenance service division and helped organize a very complex and intense system into a simplistic and efficient operation. I was very pleased with their professionalism and demeanor, and more importantly very impressed with how they were able to organize a system perfectly while have zero knowledge or experience in our industry. The cost of their services will be greatly outweighed by the efficiency they have developed! We will have them back soon to help with other projects and divisions.

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