How involved do I need to be throughout the process?


You can be as involved as you prefer! The most involvement your organizer will need from you is during the sorting & purging process. Once that process is completed, your organizer can do the work with little to no involvement from you, unless you would like to to be a part of the entire process.

Will I be able to keep the system in place? How can I maintain the organized space?


Our services go beyond organizing the physical items. We take the time to develop personalized strategies & systems that will work for you and your family long-term. Our goal at the end of the project is to leave you with a beautifully organized space that you can maintain on your own.   If you are too busy to maintain the space on your own, or would like us to come in to refresh the space, we offer maintenance plans!

Will the final result fit the look and style of my home?


Aesthetics are an important detail! However, “Pinterest-perfect” expectations can be unrealistic unless you have an unlimited budget for product. Our organizers will do their absolute best to match your homes look & style, however our #1 priority is to create a space that is functional & maintainable.

Can I leave my organizer a review?


Please do! Word of mouth and outstanding reviews are a great way for us to continue doing what we love for others. Here is a direct link to our Google Review page:

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?


You can call our office or contact your organizer anytime, if you are needing to reschedule your appointment. We ask that you reach out within 48-hour prior to your scheduled appointment, if you are needing to make any changes to the time/day.

How many organizers will come to my home? Can I request more than one for larger projects?


For most projects, only one organizer is needed. However, on larger scale projects we usually suggest adding additional organizers from our team to help. Our organizer is happy to go in detail about this, and whether more will be needed, during the time of your initial 1-hour consultation. You are always welcome to request more organizers for your project at any time! Additional packages will be required, per organizer on the project.

How does the process work once you come into my home or office?


Sorted Out will bring the necessary supplies to start sorting the items that need to be organized. The client normally is included in this process but is not required. Then, after sorting the things that need to be organized we will then access the “stuff” and make a list of supplies we will need to finish the project. Keep in mind this process doesn’t happen overnight and may take some time and commitment, but surely we will get you Sorted [...]

Do you do the shopping for organizational products or do I have to do this?


We will do the shopping for you if you’d like. Normally, our clients don’t have the time and they are not sure what to purchase. We charge our normal hourly rate for shopping and we DO NOT up charge our products. We are in the business of organizing not retail. If you decide you want to do the shopping, we can make you a list and tell you where to go to get the items that are needed to finish [...]

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