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On a scale of 1 to cluttered, how SortedOut are you?

Take our Clutter IQ Quiz to find out!


The number of items on my desk is overwhelming
Desk Organization
Might look overwhelming but, I have a system!
If anything, my desk is a place of Zen

Can you locate your computer password book or file?
Disorganization is Costly
Sure, everything has its own file
Maybe if I had a good spot for one

My desk area makes me feel productive
Home Office Organizing services
Heck yes, let’s do this!
Can I take a quick nap first?

Do you have a filing system in place?
personal filing organization tips
Define “filing system”
Accordion folders are my jam!

How many items are on your to-do list?
Over 30
Under 10
Too many, I can't count them all

Can you fit your car in your garage easily?
garage organization
It’s a little tight, but I’ve got down the “suck it in” method down!
I can get in and out of my car with no problem
There’s no way

Do you have more than 1 of the same items in your kitchen?
kitchen organizing
Technically they’re different colors…but yes
One item is all you need!

What is your relationship with your junk drawer?
We keep in touch, but we’re seeing other people
We have a very dependable relationship

Is your kitchen sink taken over by dishes?
kitchen organization
The pile of dishes never seems to end…
If there’s not a space to wash dishes, I lose my mind

Are all the items in your fridge up to date?
Food Inside Refrigerator
They only put to “sell by” date to make you buy more…
Oh yeah. There’s no way I'll gamble with expired food

Have you lost your keys or phone in the last 30 days?
How would you define “lost” really?
Not once, everything has its place

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox?
Computer organization
25 or less
I don’t count anymore

I can find my charging cords for my electronics no problem!
Phone chargers
After I sift through the tangled mess of cords first…
Absolutely. There’s no way I’m risking my phone dying!

Is your closet bursting at the seams?
clothes rack
No, my clothes fit and are arranged by color and/or season
It overflows into the adjacent room, and things are piled on the floor. Help!

Does every shoe of yours have a mate?
Some pairs are in long distance relationships (one in closet, one in bedroom)
Every pair of shoes is right next to its mate!

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What’s Your SortedOut Clutter IQ?

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