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Caitlin Amen

Level I Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization
Level I Certificate of Study in ADHD

I grew up in St. Louis Missouri where, as early as I can remember, I was always rearranging my bedroom, drawers, and closet. I spent hours organizing our family kitchen and pantry. And, always my mom’s favorite – I would organize her grocery cart as she threw things in going up and down the aisles. From strategically packing homes for a move and the unpacking that comes after, to being at a relative’s house and just slightly altering how things were stored in drawers and cabinets to help the space function better for them, I have been helping organize my friends and family’s systems for years.

My first job was at a sandwich shop franchise where I grew into the General Manager role and learned the importance of a great inventory system and clearly laid out processes that set us up for success. I worked in a luxury purse warehouse where again, inventory was everything and great organization was how we tackled the daunting mountain of new deliveries each day. My last job as an event coordinator at a magnificent hotel in downtown St. Louis was where I truly knew that organizing was my end-all, be-all passion. Simply put – that is what the job was: being organized, decisive, detail-oriented, yet creative and versatile. The only thing bigger than staying organized in that role was needing an intuitive passion for the people you work for and with at all levels.

Set aside all of the experience, and what you have is someone who genuinely wants to help those that need it. I want to help you create or improve your current systems, so you have less stress and more time to enjoy this beautiful life. I want your spaces to be smart, functional, and appealing so a sense of calm comes over you when you enter the room. I would be thrilled to meet you and come up with a system that works for you and your family, and leave you with a plan that helps you maintain your new space.

I am active with the Institute of Chronic Disorganization to further build my knowledge to help you create beautiful systems and spaces.

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